Caños de Meca Beaches

Luxury Beaches

The magnificent beaches in Los Caños de Meca on the Atlantic coast with the outline of Trafalgar Lighthouse between the sea and the sky are essential parts of the landscape.

Most of the year these beautiful, sandy beaches with crystal clear water are practically empty. The area is not very built up and since it is in a protected area within the Natural Park, La Breña, it is still has managed to maintain all its natural beauty. In summer there is quite a lot of movement, a lot of people do come this way but, it´s never overcrowded. The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed, the best thing to do is to go along with it and just enjoy this beautiful place…

You will be spoiled for choice with the diversity of landscapes and beaches: La Playa de la Laja has a wide expanse of golden sand is perfect for swimming and there are lots of places to eat and drink.; La Playa del Faro, by the lighthouse is spectacular. The sand dunes along the way to the Tombolo make for a great walk. The clear waters of the Atlantic are a popular spot too for fishing and water sports alike; or Playa Los Castillejos, the nudist beach, it´s totally unspoilt and untouched and in its natural state.

Playa de la Laja or Playa de Los Caños de Meca

All our Villas are within a short walking distance from this beach. The sunsets are famous, with Trafalgar Lighthouse outlined by the last rays of the Sun, every day is a unique and spectacular show.

Playa de la Laja or Playa de Los Caños de Meca is a big, bay-shaped cove. The sand is soft and fine and it is a safe place to swim as there are no currents. It´s also well protected from the wind, the levante, the perfect beach to spend the day on with friends and family.

From here you can take a short walk along the beach and see the fresh water that sometimes emanates from the cliff or, admire all the pretty rock pools at low tide. Kids love to see all the little fish and crabs left behind when the tide goes out.

There is a great selection of bars and restaurants up on the little cliff behind this beach where you can sample all of the best, locally caught fish. The views are spectacular and, who could say no to having a few beers at one of the beach bars, with your feet in the sand? Or maybe a mojito at the well-known bar La Jaima, famous for the spectacular sunsets and for moon-gazing, all in the best atmosphere.

Playa de los Castillejos

This beach is on the eastern end of Caños. There are little coves and a few small caves along the base of the cliff which is topped with intensely green pines which contrast so dramatically with the deep blue of the sea. It is the most popular nudist beach in Caños and here it is so easy to feel at one with nature while you take a swim and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings.

The best time to go to this beach is at low tide. One of the most popular walks in Caños. After a stroll of about half an hour along the beach, admiring the secluded little coves you are in for a pleasant surprise: Playa de las Cortinas, this is where fresh water emanates from a small cave up at the top of the cliff. You can take a shower here on the beach, with fresh, spring water, it´s the cherry on the cake after a magnificent walk in nature.

Playa del Faro

A visit to Trafalgar Lighthouse is also highly recommendable, especially in the evening, before sunset. It´s a lovely walk along the sand dunes and then the walk up the steep slope of the tombolo to the lighthouse at the top. The views from the top are really surprising and you can see so much of the coastline from here.

The Playa del Faro is and has been for quite some time, famous among surfers, wind surfers and kite surfers. They come here looking for the strong, easterly wind, the levante, the wind they need to fly at great speed across the water. Parking is available nearby so, you can just leave the car there and enjoy the day on the beach.

The beach on the far side of the lighthouse is a long stretch of very quiet strand which is also popular with nudists. However, the currents here are very dangerous so you must be very cautious when you go in for a swim.

Playa de Zahora

A beautiful beach with fine, golden sand and great views of Trafalgar Lighthouse. The water here in this little bay is quite shallow and very calm, ideal for families with little kids. The small coral reef is a popular rendezvous for fishing enthusiasts. At sunset it´s always quite busy, people come to watch the sun disappear over the horizon. In summer the big parking lot is open and the best thing to do is to leave the car there.

Playa de la Mangueta

The water here is an incredible turquoise blue. This beach is generally not crowded, even in the high season. It´s not easy to get here, you have to leave your car about half a kilometre from the beach and walk the last bit. Due to this, it is a totally natural, wild and unspoilt piece of coastline. It is also quite popular with nudists and here you can really just let go and forget about the world for a while.

Playa de El Palmar

An immense beach of fine, golden sands and crystal clear water. Perfect for long walks along the water´s edge. All kinds of services and facilities are available in El Palmar.

El Palmar is renowned internationally among surfers, the fast waves and great breaks are perfect for surfing. There is a host of surf schools to choose from the whole way along the beachfront.

It is a very popular beach in summer both during the day and at night. There are lots of bars and restaurants and chiringuitos, it´s famous too for its nightlife.

Playa de la Hierbabuena

This beach is on the southern end of La Breña Natural Park. There are cliffs covered in pine trees at the back and it is absolutely natural and untouched. Perfect for a long, quiet day on the beach. Snorkelling and fishing are very popular activities here.

Surfers love this beach too and say it has best right on the whole Atlantic coast.

There is parking here but, nothing else. Wooden walkways lead down to the strand.